Prospective Global EM Fellows

The Global EM Clinical Fellowship is aimed at a range of clinicians, with varying experience in Global EM. While one of the key elements of a year long post is the 8 week deployment within our Health partnership program to Nanyuki Hospital Emergency Department in Laikipia County, Kenya, the year-long post is an organised program including education and personal development and career progression.

Our personal experience has been that those with an interest in Global EM often have to choose between sacrificing UK based training and careers, or losing touch with their Global EM activities. The fellowship aims to support all types of Global EM clinicians,  allowing either an introduction and grounding in Global EM work, a chance to practically apply postgraduate Global Health study, or a chance to develop your previous experience further in a well supported and passionate team, while benefiting from the security of a UK ED post.

We support you throughout the preparation for your overseas deployment, and ensure that project work is smoothly handed over between Clinical Fellows, meaning we can move forward with the goals and ambitions of the team in Nanyuki, in a sustainable, ethical, and safe manner.

Alongside the overseas deployment, you can attend or get involved in organising local training days and conferences, whilst also working on other current Global EM projects within the BRI Emergency Department (example of a previous study day below).

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